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Winners Men’s Ministry

Pastor Jerome heads up the men’s ministry addressing relevant issues that men face today. Every event is a building block in the lives of men who are determined to grow and be Godly men who lead their homes. Raising up sons who can carry the baton is the aim of this ministry as it sees many men come to Christ and find healing, restoration and encouragement to grow and become all they were destined to be.

Our Winners Men’s Ministry is a dynamic ministry aimed at bringing men, from all walks of life, together in an environment where they can feel comfortable discussing issues that relate specifically to them. It is the belief at Winds of Change Church that all men can be winners and through straight talk and uncompromising preaching, we have seen men’s lives change for the better.

Our Men’s Ministry usually takes the form of a breakfast event, where a scrumptious, mouth-watering breakfast is served. So in essence, you get food for the soul and food for the belly all at the price of one. We have six events per year, held on a Saturday morning.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event. The dates of upcoming events will be placed on the website; alternatively you can contact the office on 011 941 3203 to find out more.

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